1. Is your MRI an Open MRI? We have a high field MRI. We can accommodate those patients that are claustrophobic and/or physically large up to 350 pounds. A high field MRI provides exceptional scan quality compared to an Open MRI. Most doctors prefer that their patient have an MRI on a high field MRI compared to an Open MRI. To make the exam more comfortable, someone can sit in the room with you, we can play music (you can bring your own music).

  2. What is weight limit of your MRI? The weight limit of our MRI exam table is 350 pounds.

  3. Do you have same day appointments? Yes, we do have same day appointments. However, depending upon your insurance we may have to obtain an authorization or pre-certification to get your test approved. If you need an x-ray, typically no authorization is required and you can walk in without an appointment. All other testing may require an authorization, pre-certification or an exam preparation (Please look under Exam Preparation tab).

  4. Are you in-network or out of network? We are in-network with most insurance carriers. If you do not see your insurance listed under the Insurance tab, please contact us at 708-423-1819. We periodically add new insurance carriers

  5. Are you handicap accessible? Yes, we have handicap parking and accessibility

  6. Do you provide transportation? Yes, we do provide transportation (MRI, CT and EMG/NCV patient) as long as the patient lives in the Chicago area.

  7. Do you accept personal injury and workers compensation cases? Yes, as long as an attorney is involved and the case number is provided, we will accept personal injury and workers compensation cases.

  8. Do you accept credit cards? Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We also accept Care Credit.

  9. How long will it take for my doctor to receive a report? Your doctor will receive a report typically within 24 hours or less unless your test was done on Saturday, your doctor will then receive the results on Monday. If stat results are required, your doctor will receive a report within 1 hour.

  10. Is your facility accredited? Yes, our facility has accreditation through the American College of Radiology (ACR)

  11. Do you have Saturday and evening hours? Our Saturday hours are: 9am to 2pm. and during the week we are open to 6pm. However, if you require later hours for your test to be completed please inform the scheduler and we will accommodate you.

We accept Care Credit

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